Customized skin + beauty event!

Tell us what your groups main concerns are and we will customize the party to you. 

Each guest will receive a customized pack of samples to use during our hands on zoom treatment. The custom sample packs will be available for pick up, delivery to hosts house or mailed. 

Ordering products after the event is available, we deliver or arrange for a product pick up. We have a product pick up window. 












Contact Sofia by call 519.267.8325 (TEAL)

Group Fee:

1-4 guests       $30 per person

5-10 guests     $25 per person

10-20 guests   $20 per person

20+ guests      $15 per person

Create your event!

  • Corporate event

  • Holiday 

  • Friends night in

  • Family get togethers

  • One on one virtual consultation

Popular topics:

  • Aging skin solutions

  • Teen skin solutions

  • How to maintain healthy skin

  • All of the above

Kits include:

Skin Fitness Plan card

6 samples 

2 gauze squares

At home set up:

warm bowl of water


Our Skin + Beauty events vary in topics related to skin care and make-up tips.